Battleground State Project: Complete!

We are happy to announce the completion of our Battleground State Project! After the convention in Denver we purchased 10,000 button supplies with the goal of sending out at least a 1,000 buttons to all key battleground states across the country. We expanded that a goal a bit and purchased a few thousand more buttons over the last couple of weeks and even sent some crucial states like Colorado and Ohio extra batches.

I have to admit, the idea of sending out over 10,000 buttons in just a matter of weeks seemed unattainable at the start of this. After all, we had made 10,000 buttons in the period during the caucuses/primaries which as we all know went on for months and months. So how did we do it? With the awesome help of volunteers and generous donations who helped pay for the supplies and shipping costs out of their own pockets. You are all so awesome. You are what has made this campaign so inspiring. And a special shout out to our friend Mary who bought a button machine a few weeks ago and has allowed us to expand the project.

The states we sent out over a 1,000 buttons post-Denver are represented in blue on the map above. Astute political junkies and followers of will argue that there are some battleground states that aren’t up there. This is due in part to our network of button makers who we work with across the country have actually sent large amounts of buttons to some of those key places such as Indiana, and rather than over saturate one place we try to spread the love. We keep track of this using a collaborative Google Docs spreadsheet so we know where each other has sent buttons out. And yes we are keeping track of the combined output and our network of button makers have sent out an astounding 60,000 buttons! Yes we can, indeed!