Hockey Moms For Obama & Yes We Can

Two new button templates posted tonight! As requested by actual hockey parents: Hockey Moms For Obama. You saw that coming didn’t you? Hockey moms across this country will love this.

The other new button template is a variation of our popular Washington State-based design series YES WA CAN which of course was a play on the YES WE CAN phrase. When we brought buttons to give out in Denver we had an assortment of the YES WA CAN buttons with us. People continually asked for them, not noticing that they said WA instead of WE. The people have spoken, they clearly wanted a selection of multicolored YES WE CAN buttons. We were asked last month to turn the YES WA CAN into a YES PA CAN design for Pennsylvania. We don’t plan on making many state-specific designs but it was somewhat easy to do and we all know how important Pennsylvania is so we were glad to help out!