Fellow Button Makers On MTV Think Video

Christy On MTV Think

Our fellow Seattle button makers Christy Cusick and Orion Anderson are featured in a video segment at MTV’s Think! Think is MTV’s Web 2.0 site that focuses on social issues and politics and somehow ties into their ongoing Choose Or Loose campaign. If you haven’t checked out Christy’s fund raising button sales on BarackObama.com do so now!

The $150 Obama Button

The New York Times has an interesting article about collecting political paraphernalia and makes mention of someone paying $150 for an Obama button! Wow. Joann and I aren’t really into collecting political items although we are starting to amass a decent amount of Obama buttons. A coworker picked up a 50 States strategy buttons from Tigereye Design at the Netroots Nation event in Austin for me. I was strangely overly excited to get it as I hadn’t seen it before. So maybe I’m starting to get the bug.