Fellow Button Makers On MTV Think Video

Christy On MTV Think

Our fellow Seattle button makers Christy Cusick and Orion Anderson are featured in a video segment at MTV’s Think! Think is MTV’s Web 2.0 site that focuses on social issues and politics and somehow ties into their ongoing Choose Or Loose campaign. If you haven’t checked out Christy’s fund raising button sales on BarackObama.com do so now!

The $150 Obama Button

The New York Times has an interesting article about collecting political paraphernalia and makes mention of someone paying $150 for an Obama button! Wow. Joann and I aren’t really into collecting political items although we are starting to amass a decent amount of Obama buttons. A coworker picked up a 50 States strategy buttons from Tigereye Design at the Netroots Nation event in Austin for me. I was strangely overly excited to get it as I hadn’t seen it before. So maybe I’m starting to get the bug.

MoveOn.org Button Giveaway

MoveOn.org Button Offer

Our friends over at MoveOn.org have a deal for you. For free (that’s no money mind you…zero) they will give you an Obama button! And a cool one at that, pictured at the top above. The catch? You have to wear the button. Deal!

They also have a great bargain: if you donate just $2 then they send you all three designs. And for just $20 they will give you 45 buttons. Tempting isn’t it?!?

Check it out!

More 1.25 inch templates!

Promised for so long and now finally online…it is three new 1.25 inch button templates designed by Joann. The oh so cute Babies For Obama button is up there, which our little buddy Henry debuted to the world back in May. The other two buttons are quite the pair of retro stylish Vote themed goodness: Be The Change and This Is The Moment.

So quick, head to the Templates page and check them out, download them, print them, and make tons of these buttons!

Welcome Rose!

In an attempt to reduce the confusion, I am going to add to the confusion. Let me explain: our compatriot Rose Minier who has been tirelessly making Obama buttons just as we have and organizing button making button events in Seattle. People continually think that Rose is part of Buttons4Obama.com and people continually think that we are putting on the BarackObama.com Seattle events that Rose is organizing.

Well we decided to go ahead and bring Rose into the fold and frankly we are proud to be associated with someone like her as she remains a constant inspiration to us. You can now reach Rose at:

rose[at symbol]buttons4obama.com

Speaking of Rose, here is a photo of Rose and Jody at the Seattle Pride event showing off the People’s Choice trophy.

Joann and Jody are taking a short break from supplying buttons for Obama supporters, Obama Fellows, etc. across the country. Joann and I need to focus on working on this website. We never properly got caught up after the primary cycle and need to do so now. In the meantime, please check out the Resources and Templates pages and learn how you can start making buttons in your community!

Obama Buttons Are The New Generation Of Flag Pins

In this New York Times opinion piece, Oliver Munday states that Obama buttons are the new generation of flag pins.

I couldn’t agree more!

I also love Rick Landers’ mention of the ‘flair’ from Office Space. Speaking of, I added a couple of our Obama buttons to the Facebook application Pieces of Flair.

Obama Pride

All across the country Pride events have been happening this month with many of the larger Pride events in San Francisco, NY, Chicago, Seattle, etc. occurring this weekend. We’ve been busy on two fronts gearing up for Pride: buttons (of course) and an Obama Pride video. Our two Pride 1.25 inch buttons are up on the template page right now. I know there isn’t a lot of time between now and this weekend’s events but drink some espresso and start cranking out some buttons!

I worked with Jen Hauseman and Jake Standish, co-directors of Seattle Pride and awesome Obama supporters on creating a video to introduce Obama to the LGBT community. Please pass it along to your Obama and LGBT peeps.

Button Goof…Fixed

Such is the state of things at Buttons4Obama HQ that it has taken us two weeks to fix our Si Se Puede buttons and get them online! Actually we fixed them on our computer awhile ago and have made hundreds of the improved Si Se Puede buttons for three separate Latino community voter registration projects here in Washington State. It is just that I haven’t had the time to save out the PDF and switch out the files. The new Si Se Puede button template is the first of our 1.25 inch revamped templates that now include vertical cut guide lines. These lines make it quicker to cut them out into strips which helps out when using a button circle cutter. We want you to crank out buttons as fast as possible! We will try and switch out all of the 1.25 inch templates to include the new guide lines. We’ve now switched all the 1.25 inch templates to have the strip cut marks, and the “made with volunteer labor” and buttons4obama.com text on the outside of each button. The text doesn’t show on the front of the buttons. It only shows on the back.

Button Goof

I’m sure it’s a sign of how crazy things have been around here lately between button making, Jody’s delegate events, and sheer excitement over Obama clinching the nomination (!!!) that we only now realized we have a design mistake in our Si Se Puede buttons. The text was supposed to be all caps, but the i in Si is not. The funny thing is, I’ve been staring at this button lately thinking the spacing on it was off, but never noticing the lower case i until today. Thus, we will be fixing that as well as the spacing. However, the fixed template will most likely not be up until sometime next week. The template preparer, Jody, is off on a work trip this week. Our apologies to anyone that might have made buttons from the template currently up. Or perhaps you liked it with a lower case i. It was kinda stylin’.

We are still quite behind in putting up some other templates, and getting some new button photos taken and posted. This weekend, June 13-15, is our Washington State Democratic Convention in Spokane! We’re in a frenzy with getting things ready and making gobs of buttons for it! After that we should have more time for devoting to the site. There’s some new designs we’ve made and we can’t wait to unveil them here. But for now, please be patient with us.

Washington State Button Power

“Can a button change the world?” You know what our answer is to that question. That is the question asked today on the BarackObama.com HQ Blog on a feature of none other than our button making Seattle friend Rose!  Here’s the link to the post:


Congrats to Rose for the acknowledgment of all the hard work she and all of the Washington State Obama button makers are doing for the campaign.  Is it our imagination or is Seattle the Obama button making nexus? You’ve got Rose, Jen, Majid, Rob, Sal, Christy, Chris, Andrew, and of course me and Joann. Of course it helps that we have an awesome button supply store that is located in Seattle. Speaking of ButtonMakers.net I just ran across their blog entry last night about the button making event we held in Georgetown, Seattle: