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Due to the extraordinary amount of comment spam we’ve been getting, we turned comments off. You can still communicate with us through email. Check out the contact page.

I also apologize if I’ve deleted any legitimate comments or trackbacks/pings. It’s highly possible a few got deleted in with the huge volume of spam.

Health Care Reform Templates Up!

We put the templates up to all three Health Care Reform button designs on the templates page. They’re templates for 1.25 inch buttons and come 30 to a page. Get crankin’! We’re running out of time to convince Congress we may not be loud or crazy or fringe, but we’re in the majority and we mean business!

We passed out buttons at the Health Care Reform rally today in Seattle until they were all gone! It was great to see the huge turnout for it. More photos are up at the Buttons4Obama flickr.

Health Care Reform Buttons

Hello! It’s been a while. Frankly, after the election we collapsed and never wanted to see another button. However, we’ve been roused out of our post-election stupor by the health care reform debates sweeping the nation. Reform of the health care industry was one of the big reasons we got deeply involved with the campaign last year.

This is a life or death issue for many people. Seriously. There are, today in this country, people dying because they can not afford to get the medical treatment they need and deserve, often because they’ve been dropped by their insurance company for having the audacity to get sick. It is one of the biggest shames of this country. Health care is a basic human right. We all deserve it.

When the shit started hitting the fan in this health care reform debate, we felt it was high time we dive in too and have our say…in a button of course! We used supplies we had left from the campaign–thanks again to our generous donors!–and quickly designed and made these buttons to give away at our local health care reform meeting with Congressman Jim McDermott this past Wednesday.

If you’d like to make your own pro-health care reform buttons (for non-commercial use only) and have a 1.25 inch button machine, let us know and we’ll get the artwork templates to you!

Note: We made a one-off run of these buttons and do not have any more to give away. We encourage everyone to get involved and make their own. DIY rules!


A New Day

The Big Day

You know what to do. Get out and VOTE OBAMA!!!

Web of Support

Front page buttons

This past Saturday an article about independent grassroots efforts to support the candidates appeared in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. We’d been interviewed for the article and they came to take photos at our last button making event on 10/8 at Stellar Pizza, however we didn’t know when it was coming out.

Imagine our surprise Saturday morning when we started getting a deluge of emails from Seattlites interested in buttons and button making. One person mentioned the article, thank goodness, or we would have been clueless forever. Then imagine our further surprise when Jody went to pick up a copy of the paper and there were our buttons on the front page!

We think we’ve finally gotten back to everyone that emailed. Thank you all for your interest! If you haven’t heard from us, please email again. It might have gotten lost in the email flood.

We are now in the final stages of the button operation. I can’t believe it’s already mid-October! We want to have all the remaining buttons for battleground states sent out by mid-week next week in order for the campaign field offices to have them the week before election day. We’re focusing all our time and energy on that right now, along with some GOTV activities locally. It’s crunch time, folks!

Unfortunately, that means we won’t be having any more public button making parties. We want to thank you all that came out to help make buttons at the events, and all of you that were interested but didn’t get to make it to one, and everyone that donated supplies and cash to keep the operation going–THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. You all ROCK!

We’re way behind in reporting where we’ve been sending buttons out to and hopefully we’ll get that updated in the next few days. I can tell you now though that we got buttons sent out just in time to Cincinnati, OH for the Vote Early/Rock Late concert happening today! The National and The Breeders are playing. Another campaign concert we wish we were able to be at, but buttons will have to do.

Button making parties!

We’ve got a lot of places and people that need buttons and we need help making them! We’ll be having weekly button making parties for at least the next month. The first one is tonight at the Georgetown Liquor Company. It was planned on short notice, but we hope some folks show up to help us get a big bunch of buttons made. The details are up at MYBO. If the event says it’s full, we may still be able to accommodate a few more people. Contact Jody to see about it. Bring scissors.

We’ll also be making buttons at the GLC on 10/2.

These two parties and all future ones at the Georgetown Liquor Company are 21 and over. However, we know some young people want to make buttons too. Therefore, we’re in the final stages of planning some all ages parties next door from the GLC at Stellar’s Pizza. Keep checking back here for info about those parties.

This Sunday we’ll be taking part in Buttonpalooza! This will be an all day button making extravaganza with our fellow Seattle button makers. You can sign up to make buttons for a shift, or if the slots are all full you can drop by to say hello and pick up a button or two for a $1 donation each.

In supplies news, thanks to all the donations coming in we’re now stocked with button parts for 10,000 buttons! Our printer has been buzzing almost non-stop printing out button artwork. We experimented this week with getting copies of the artwork made at Kinkos. Let’s just say it was an exercise in frustration and we’ll be sticking with our good old Epson Stylus Photo 820 printer, even though it’s a hungry ink beast.

Supplies purchase and Beth’s templates

We recently discovered Illinois button maker Beth McLennon now has a template download page on her website, Buttons For Barack! She makes 2.25 inch buttons and we’ve been honored to host some of her designs on our templates page. There’s a whole new bunch of her 2.25 inch designs on her site. Check it out!

Today we made our first purchases with the donations raised at the DNC in Denver. A hundred dollars of your button money bought two color and one black printer ink cartridges, and a 100 page pack of the Kodak glossy photo paper we use. That 100 page pack of paper will print out artwork for 3000 1.25inch buttons! Next week we’ll be purchasing button part supplies with the donations.

Jody has a lead on a used printer, the same model as we’re currently using for printing button artwork, an Epson Stylus Photo 820. Ours started acting a little “eccentric” before we left for Denver. It seems fine now, but we’re worried it’s maybe thinking about throwing in the towel right when we need it most. If this used one checks out fine we’ll be bringing it home for back up.

In other equipment malfunction news, we lost a crucial part to our graphics circle cutter–also right before we left for Denver. It fell out while the cutter was being moved from one room to another. Inexplicably, we can not find the part anywhere. We moved the cutter only 15 feet! We’re starting to think we may have to look into a replacement part. For now, we’ve rigged the cutter to work without the part, but it’s much, much slower. Ugh!

The DNC and Donations

Denver 2008

We must apologize for not announcing our recent trip to Denver and the DNC here before we left. We found out the Wednesday before the start of the convention that we had passes into the stadium event and had to scramble to make travel arrangements and get as many buttons as possible made to take with us. We were making buttons right up until we had to leave for the airport.

We had a fantastic time passing out buttons, attending various convention related events and of course getting to be there for Obama’s acceptance speech! Wow, what a special night that was, eh?! It’s taken us a week to recover and we’re slowly working on uploading tons of photos from the trip to flickr.

The other thing we didn’t get to announce before leaving was our new donate page. Buttons4Obama is now taking donations to fund our button making for the Fall campaign. We’ve tried funding it mostly out of pocket up until now, but our extra funds are quickly running out. If our efforts are something you’d like to contribute to, we invite you to check out the donate page. There’s several ways to contribute.

Jody passing out buttons outside the DNCTo that end, we decided to take a $1 suggested donation for our buttons while in Denver. We didn’t turn anyone away that wanted a button but didn’t have the cash, however, thanks to everyone that did donate we were able to raise $395! Thank you all so much!! We’ll update here about the specific supplies we end up spending your donations on. Above, that’s Jody in yellow passing out buttons outside one of the gates into the convention.

We took an estimated 1200 buttons to Denver. The few hundred we had left after the convention we took Colorado Springs Campaign Office Signdown to the Colorado Springs Obama campaign office while we were still in Colorado. We had a great visit with the folks there. They were hard at work late on a Saturday night preparing for the next day’s phone banking and voter registration activities. They explained to us they have a huge veteran population in Colorado Springs. The majority of their volunteers are vets and just that day they had 30 NEW vets come in wanting to volunteer!

They told us they could really use Veterans for Obama buttons. If you’re making or buying Veterans for Obama buttons send some their way care of their field organizer Nate Hundt. You can get their address here. I know they’d be very grateful for it. Keep up the great work Colorado Springs!

Button Goof

I’m sure it’s a sign of how crazy things have been around here lately between button making, Jody’s delegate events, and sheer excitement over Obama clinching the nomination (!!!) that we only now realized we have a design mistake in our Si Se Puede buttons. The text was supposed to be all caps, but the i in Si is not. The funny thing is, I’ve been staring at this button lately thinking the spacing on it was off, but never noticing the lower case i until today. Thus, we will be fixing that as well as the spacing. However, the fixed template will most likely not be up until sometime next week. The template preparer, Jody, is off on a work trip this week. Our apologies to anyone that might have made buttons from the template currently up. Or perhaps you liked it with a lower case i. It was kinda stylin’.

We are still quite behind in putting up some other templates, and getting some new button photos taken and posted. This weekend, June 13-15, is our Washington State Democratic Convention in Spokane! We’re in a frenzy with getting things ready and making gobs of buttons for it! After that we should have more time for devoting to the site. There’s some new designs we’ve made and we can’t wait to unveil them here. But for now, please be patient with us.