Shipping out

GLC button making party 9/18

Thanks to all the volunteers that showed up last Thursday to the button making party at the Georgetown Liquor Company. We got buttons made, lots of artwork cut out, and buttons sorted and counted! You all were great. We’re doing it again at Stellar’s Pizza this Wednesday. See the sidebar to the right for upcoming events of ours as well as other Seattle Obama button making events.

Buttons getting ready to ship.The buttons that got made at this party were sent yesterday as part of a 1000 button batch to the battleground state of Ohio! Also, we got out a batch of Veterans for Obama buttons to our friends at the campaign office in Colorado Springs.

The Ohio buttons were part of our Adopt A Battleground State program. The idea is someone donates the cost of a thousands buttons and they can choose which battleground state to send them too. So far we’ve only offered this to local adopters since we didn’t want to get overwhelmed with requests and not be able to fill them in the time we have left until election day. Therefore, we’ve kept this program purposefully quiet.

But I’m so proud of all the work everyone did to get this first 1000 Adopt A Battleground State batch off that I had to mention it and the wonderful adopter, Christine. Thank you so much Christine for the donation and the motivation to get these buttons out! She chose Ohio and that’s where they went. We split the batch to send them to two different campaign offices, 500 to Toledo and 500 to Dayton. Both offices said they were in desperate need of buttons and were excited to hear they were coming.

We have two other Adopt A Battleground State orders that we’re currently working on. If you’re interested in the Adopt A Battleground State program, contact Jody to see if we can currently take on more.

Hockey Moms For Obama & Yes We Can

Two new button templates posted tonight! As requested by actual hockey parents: Hockey Moms For Obama. You saw that coming didn’t you? Hockey moms across this country will love this.

The other new button template is a variation of our popular Washington State-based design series YES WA CAN which of course was a play on the YES WE CAN phrase. When we brought buttons to give out in Denver we had an assortment of the YES WA CAN buttons with us. People continually asked for them, not noticing that they said WA instead of WE. The people have spoken, they clearly wanted a selection of multicolored YES WE CAN buttons. We were asked last month to turn the YES WA CAN into a YES PA CAN design for Pennsylvania. We don’t plan on making many state-specific designs but it was somewhat easy to do and we all know how important Pennsylvania is so we were glad to help out!

Obama Biden

You’ve received the text message, you’ve seen the joint speech, you’ve read the analysis of the choice,  and now what everyone has been waiting for… the button! We wasted no time and the 1.25 inch button design is available on the Templates page.


When I was in San Francisco a couple of months ago I got a chance to attend a big Obama event/party and met some cool artists doing Obama posters, stickers and shirts under the name of january20th2009. They make their artwork free to download via their flickr page. With their blessing I have worked on turning one of their designs [Forward] into a 1.25 inch button design which is available now on the templates page. I love the simplicity of this message: Forward!

Fellow Button Makers On MTV Think Video

Christy On MTV Think

Our fellow Seattle button makers Christy Cusick and Orion Anderson are featured in a video segment at MTV’s Think! Think is MTV’s Web 2.0 site that focuses on social issues and politics and somehow ties into their ongoing Choose Or Loose campaign. If you haven’t checked out Christy’s fund raising button sales on do so now!

The $150 Obama Button

The New York Times has an interesting article about collecting political paraphernalia and makes mention of someone paying $150 for an Obama button! Wow. Joann and I aren’t really into collecting political items although we are starting to amass a decent amount of Obama buttons. A coworker picked up a 50 States strategy buttons from Tigereye Design at the Netroots Nation event in Austin for me. I was strangely overly excited to get it as I hadn’t seen it before. So maybe I’m starting to get the bug. Button Giveaway Button Offer

Our friends over at have a deal for you. For free (that’s no money mind you…zero) they will give you an Obama button! And a cool one at that, pictured at the top above. The catch? You have to wear the button. Deal!

They also have a great bargain: if you donate just $2 then they send you all three designs. And for just $20 they will give you 45 buttons. Tempting isn’t it?!?

Check it out!