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Front page buttons

This past Saturday an article about independent grassroots efforts to support the candidates appeared in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. We’d been interviewed for the article and they came to take photos at our last button making event on 10/8 at Stellar Pizza, however we didn’t know when it was coming out.

Imagine our surprise Saturday morning when we started getting a deluge of emails from Seattlites interested in buttons and button making. One person mentioned the article, thank goodness, or we would have been clueless forever. Then imagine our further surprise when Jody went to pick up a copy of the paper and there were our buttons on the front page!

We think we’ve finally gotten back to everyone that emailed. Thank you all for your interest! If you haven’t heard from us, please email again. It might have gotten lost in the email flood.

We are now in the final stages of the button operation. I can’t believe it’s already mid-October! We want to have all the remaining buttons for battleground states sent out by mid-week next week in order for the campaign field offices to have them the week before election day. We’re focusing all our time and energy on that right now, along with some GOTV activities locally. It’s crunch time, folks!

Unfortunately, that means we won’t be having any more public button making parties. We want to thank you all that came out to help make buttons at the events, and all of you that were interested but didn’t get to make it to one, and everyone that donated supplies and cash to keep the operation going–THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. You all ROCK!

We’re way behind in reporting where we’ve been sending buttons out to and hopefully we’ll get that updated in the next few days. I can tell you now though that we got buttons sent out just in time to Cincinnati, OH for the Vote Early/Rock Late concert happening today! The National and The Breeders are playing. Another campaign concert we wish we were able to be at, but buttons will have to do.