Can A Button Change The World?

I am not sure the answer to the question “Can a button change the world?” but I do know that one person can make the world a better place. I have met a lot of amazing people this year through my involvement with the campaign. One of these individuals is Majid Al-Bahadli. He is an Iraqi-American and a fellow button maker. He is also an Obama National Delegate from Washington State and not surprisingly he got a decent amount of press at Denver being the first Iraqi-American delegate. The following LA Weekly article was reprinted by the Huffington Post: “The Delegate From Sadr City”. It is very much worth your time to read it.

Majid’s favorite and most popular button design above says Obama’s name in Hebrew, Arabic and English. The button has made a very strong impression on people across the country and the world. I am very grateful for Majid for allowing us to include it on our templates page. Thank you Majid.