Buttons Away

Rose and Jen\'s buttons heading out.

More shipping today! The photo above is from Rose and Jen’s 43rd LD button project. All those boxes are full of buttons. “Ohhhh yeah!” Jen said. We concur. They get so many buttons out the door. We’re continually in awe of them!

We sent out another Adopt-A-Battleground State batch of buttons today. The great state of Michigan was adopted by Sebastian. Ok, it was supposed to be Wisconsin, but at the last minute Jody and Sebastian had a numbers crunching meeting and decided Michigan was now more of a battleground state than Wisconsin since Obama’s numbers are steadily moving up in WI. Sorry WI, but WTG!

A big thank you to Sebastian for his MI sponsorship! Half went to Birmingham and half went to Michael Moore’s hometown, Flint. They also got extra Hockey Moms for Obama buttons. We know those will be greatly needed there.