Supplies purchase and Beth’s templates

We recently discovered Illinois button maker Beth McLennon now has a template download page on her website, Buttons For Barack! She makes 2.25 inch buttons and we’ve been honored to host some of her designs on our templates page. There’s a whole new bunch of her 2.25 inch designs on her site. Check it out!

Today we made our first purchases with the donations raised at the DNC in Denver. A hundred dollars of your button money bought two color and one black printer ink cartridges, and a 100 page pack of the Kodak glossy photo paper we use. That 100 page pack of paper will print out artwork for 3000 1.25inch buttons! Next week we’ll be purchasing button part supplies with the donations.

Jody has a lead on a used printer, the same model as we’re currently using for printing button artwork, an Epson Stylus Photo 820. Ours started acting a little “eccentric” before we left for Denver. It seems fine now, but we’re worried it’s maybe thinking about throwing in the towel right when we need it most. If this used one checks out fine we’ll be bringing it home for back up.

In other equipment malfunction news, we lost a crucial part to our graphics circle cutter–also right before we left for Denver. It fell out while the cutter was being moved from one room to another. Inexplicably, we can not find the part anywhere. We moved the cutter only 15 feet! We’re starting to think we may have to look into a replacement part. For now, we’ve rigged the cutter to work without the part, but it’s much, much slower. Ugh!