The DNC and Donations

Denver 2008

We must apologize for not announcing our recent trip to Denver and the DNC here before we left. We found out the Wednesday before the start of the convention that we had passes into the stadium event and had to scramble to make travel arrangements and get as many buttons as possible made to take with us. We were making buttons right up until we had to leave for the airport.

We had a fantastic time passing out buttons, attending various convention related events and of course getting to be there for Obama’s acceptance speech! Wow, what a special night that was, eh?! It’s taken us a week to recover and we’re slowly working on uploading tons of photos from the trip to flickr.

The other thing we didn’t get to announce before leaving was our new donate page. Buttons4Obama is now taking donations to fund our button making for the Fall campaign. We’ve tried funding it mostly out of pocket up until now, but our extra funds are quickly running out. If our efforts are something you’d like to contribute to, we invite you to check out the donate page. There’s several ways to contribute.

Jody passing out buttons outside the DNCTo that end, we decided to take a $1 suggested donation for our buttons while in Denver. We didn’t turn anyone away that wanted a button but didn’t have the cash, however, thanks to everyone that did donate we were able to raise $395! Thank you all so much!! We’ll update here about the specific supplies we end up spending your donations on. Above, that’s Jody in yellow passing out buttons outside one of the gates into the convention.

We took an estimated 1200 buttons to Denver. The few hundred we had left after the convention we took Colorado Springs Campaign Office Signdown to the Colorado Springs Obama campaign office while we were still in Colorado. We had a great visit with the folks there. They were hard at work late on a Saturday night preparing for the next day’s phone banking and voter registration activities. They explained to us they have a huge veteran population in Colorado Springs. The majority of their volunteers are vets and just that day they had 30 NEW vets come in wanting to volunteer!

They told us they could really use Veterans for Obama buttons. If you’re making or buying Veterans for Obama buttons send some their way care of their field organizer Nate Hundt. You can get their address here. I know they’d be very grateful for it. Keep up the great work Colorado Springs!