Button Goof

I’m sure it’s a sign of how crazy things have been around here lately between button making, Jody’s delegate events, and sheer excitement over Obama clinching the nomination (!!!) that we only now realized we have a design mistake in our Si Se Puede buttons. The text was supposed to be all caps, but the i in Si is not. The funny thing is, I’ve been staring at this button lately thinking the spacing on it was off, but never noticing the lower case i until today. Thus, we will be fixing that as well as the spacing. However, the fixed template will most likely not be up until sometime next week. The template preparer, Jody, is off on a work trip this week. Our apologies to anyone that might have made buttons from the template currently up. Or perhaps you liked it with a lower case i. It was kinda stylin’.

We are still quite behind in putting up some other templates, and getting some new button photos taken and posted. This weekend, June 13-15, is our Washington State Democratic Convention in Spokane! We’re in a frenzy with getting things ready and making gobs of buttons for it! After that we should have more time for devoting to the site. There’s some new designs we’ve made and we can’t wait to unveil them here. But for now, please be patient with us.