Cafe Vivace button making

Chris and Sal making buttons.
Photos by Andrew Caldwell

One of the things we’ve been needing to get up here are these button making photos from last week’s button making party at Cafe Vivace on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Rose Minier, one of the Seattle Obama super-organizers, hosts a button making party each week at Vivace. They’ve churned out tens of thousands of buttons! It got started with the appropriately named Ten Thousand Button Project, organized by Rose and another Obama super-organizer, Jen Hauseman. The original 10,000 went to PA, and now they send them out all over the US, focusing on states with upcoming primaries. This week they meet on Thursday at 6pm and will be working on buttons for Puerto Rico.

Sal, #13 in the photo above, has been instructing us on our spanish for buttons for Puerto Rico. Chris, behind, is a dedicated button making volunteer.

Rose organizing at the button making party.
Their fearless leader, Rose.

Andrew Caldwell at Vivace button making party.
Andrew with button. Thanks for the photos Andrew!

More photos from Vivace on flickr.